As young boys, Jack and Jr. learned the lessons of living and dying from their father. Junior and Jack were locked in a box most of the time; being taught it was godís work they were forced to watch their father commit insane acts of murder.

Now that Junior and Jack are all grown up, they have trouble discerning what is real and what is not. Unknowingly, Junior and Jack are prisoners of their own minds. And from the shadows of their minds their father releases the darkest of nightmares. And now one at a time they both will become your personal landlord!

While Junior and Jack are haunted by their family's past, they will begin to carry on their father's legacy. As more people end up missing, detective Harry Turner begins to have his hands full with missing people and a crazed terrorist shooting political human targets. This movie will surprise and terrify you right to the very end.

It may be your last cup of coffee but then again you just received your 72-hour EVICTION NOTICE.

1 Francisco M. Keller (The Father) - Ron Buss
The one that has a hold of both of his son's minds, even though he is not real. Or is he? The father is always in control and always messing with Jack and Jr's minds. Cold, calculating, angry, selfish, he has a big ego and is always the aggressor.
2 Jack Lee Keller (The Landlord) - Ricardo Alexander
Jack is strong-willed at times but lacks confidence. Confused and twisted, he does not know if he should love himself or hate himself. He has many mental issues due to his past. At times he is in control of his life, but at other times he becomes the monster in control of everyone else’s life, battling within himself whether his tenants should live or die. Haunted and tormented, he loses touch with reality.
3 Frank C. Keller Jr. (Jack’s Brother) - Steve Kaminsky
Jack's older brother hid away for years, waiting to be unleashed. Tormented yet enjoys and takes pleasure in the death of others. The Monster...
4 Mary L. Keller (Jack’s Mother) - Kelly Jo Horton
She has no control and lost control of the family value! She gets the last laugh. Pushed over the edge, could not take it anymore. Her revenge is pure.
5 Colleen Manchester - Susan Spencer
Sexy, wild mental patient who takes control of any situation. Long for lust deep in her heart and her mind and soul. A type of women that will make any sain man go insain
6 Becky L. Keller (Jack’s Sister) - Tara Walker
The sister that lost her life and had nothing to really say about it. Her father has all control. Her soul now belongs to her father waiting in purgatory. She may have a connection with Jack, forced in doing what is told. Can be very spooky or provocative, yet is pure.
7 Bonnie Smith (Jack’s Aunt #1) - Bethany L. Smith
Bonnie is Jack’s father’s sister who wants everything for nothing and thinks she deserves everything. A real bitch!
8 Steve Smith (Bonnie’s Husband) - Keith Croner
This is Bonnie’s husband who tries to be the best he can but is just an ordinary blue collar worker. Jack’s father hated him. A simpleton, Steve doesn’t want to make waves, tries to be a nice guy.
9 Katie Thompson (Jacks Aunt #2, Stacy’s mother) - Carrie Vieira
This is Jack’s father’s second sister who is the mother of Stacy. She smokes a lot, drinks, stresses over the little things. However, Katie is happy that Stacy gets part of the inheritance, and goes against her sister a bit.
10 Stacy M. Thompson (Jack’s Cousin) - Jessica Mason
This is Katie’s daughter who is nearly Jack’s age. She has an adopted son that is nearly seven years old from her ex-husband who went and got himself killed. However, she is ready for a change of life and to do better things for herself. She's sexy, gullible, smart, and witty at times. Watch out—she can turn your head (then again your head may get turned too far!).
11 Young Jack A - Cameron
Jack Lee Keller when he was a young boy. Withdrawn, quiet, shy, but aware.
12 Young Jack B - Darian Vieira
Jack Lee Keller when he was a young boy. Withdrawn, quiet, shy, but aware.
13 Young Junior - Dylan
Frank C. Keller Jr. when he was a young boy. Withdrawn, quiet, shy, but aware.
14 Young Becky - Catrera Lindster
Becky L. Keller as a young girl.
15 Little Tommy (Stacy’s Son) - T.B.A
Tommy is Stacy’s son. He has not spoken since his father died. He is quiet, timid, hides behind his mom, but sees everything. Watch out for the ending.
16 Kevin Shark (Lawyer) - Thomas Blume
Smart, witty, confident, and knows the language of the law. It’s all about the Benjamins.
17 Mohammed Bin Laded - Z. Mimish
He is a terrorist, a follower, a leader, and a mentor to others. He is always sniping the man, and becomes the brave hero.
18 Jack’s Personal Doctor - Angela Reed
Believes Jack has a problem, never gets the break, yet a smart, beautiful doctor. The one that knows what’s really going on.
19 Senior Doctor (Board Member) - Mike Rosborough
Older gent. With power not necessary by the book.
20 Board Member #1 (Doctor) - Joshua Frazier
Younger doctor, gets his way, has a connection to the administrator. A real ass who wants the whole budget for himself.
21 Sarah Sorority Girl #1 (Tenant) - Tara Piccolo
Sexy, slutty, wet and wild! Wants to have fun, carefree, doesn’t give a damn. Daddy will pay for everything.
22 Tiffany Sorority Girl #2 (Tenant) - Christina Lent
Trying to be the adult keeping up with the rent and other bills. Likes to party with a good head. This makes her strangely desirable and delightful to have around… a keeper.
23 Harry Turner (The Detective #1) - Kim Fuqua
Cast like the professional detective, loves to eat. This may be his last case. Has a persona like the Soprano head guy.
24 Mike (Detective #2) - Mark Meek
Harry’s right hand man. New to the detective work but really smart and on top of things. But can he withstand the nightmare?
25 Sergeant Ross (The Detective’s Boss) - T.B.A.
Never leaves her office, always bitching at someone or something like a Big Ol’ Bitch.
26 Kevin Johnson (Tenant) - Rich Boles
Outdoorsy type, works hard, deserves a vacation, and is determined to take it.
27 Jennifer Singer (Kevin’s Girlfriend Tenant) - T.B.A.
This is Kevin’s girlfriend. Strong-willed, determined, smart, and quick on her feet. Shows sex appeal. Has the will to live.
28 Trent Phillps - Jonathan Hall
He is a friend of Kevin Johnson. Trent tends to get obnoxious when he drinks. Crazy kind of dude who thinks life should be handed on a silver platter.
29 Rachel Gatson - T.B.A.
She’s Trent Phillips girlfriend. She enjoys life. Cute, quiet and plays music better than her boyfriend. gets mad easy at her boyfriend when he drinks.
30 The Bartender - Tim Berg
Racist, asshole, jokester, big bad ass.
31 Bar Thug #1 - Matt Johnson
Racist asshole, jokester, bigger bad ass, the leader.
32 Bar Thug #2 - Daniel Hawthorne
Racist asshole, jokester, big bad ass just because.
33 Bar Thug #3 - Scott Williams
Racist asshole, jokester, big bad ass the follower.
34 Bartender talking Zombie - Suzane West
She owens the bar and is wondering "What the hell is going on?" when she see's Jack at the pool table.
35 Talking Zombie #1 - Alfred Pusey
This dead guy really has something to say to Jack!
36 Talking Zombie #2 - Christopher Ross
This dead guy also has something to say to Jack.
37 Politician - Theresa O'Donnell-Cochran
Phillip Bauer, defending prisoner abuse in the Middle East, arrogant, vocal, rich.
38 Tim Fly - (The Silly Gay Couple) - Shaun Hennessy
Two Guys: No physical contact with each other… just funny shit.
39 Marty Kite - (The Silly Gay Couple) - Jesse J Decker
Two Guys: No physical contact with each other… just funny shit.
40 Nurse #1 - T.B.A.
“Hello, Nurse!” New to the job as a nurse in the mental ward, has sex appeal with words and looks. A quick witty attitude to add to the package.
41 City Inspector - T.B.A.
Lucky to have his job! A nerd by the book.
42 Bands for soundtrack and possible music video release. - T.B.A.
43 Extras, Extras, Extras: - T.B.A.
Some characters will be required to wear FX makeup from liquid latex to alginate, grease paint hair, rotting flesh and fake blood. Other characters are being developed with individual’s traits and characters to make the movie more enjoyable. Bring your best character.